Monday, June 30, 2008

Add Chat to Your Blog with Google Chatback

Want to be able to chat with your readers right on your blog? Google Chat lets you do just that. Simply install the snippet of html on your sidebar or within a post and you're set. From Google:

A Google Talk chatback badge allows others to chat with you even if they haven't signed up for Google Talk on their Google Account or if they don't have a Google Account. You can put the badge in your blog or website, and people who visit those pages can chat with you. The badge will display your online status (whether you're available to chat or not) and, optionally, your status message.

You need to be a Google Talk user to create a badge, and you'll need to be online and available (with a green ball next to your name) in Google Talk to enable people to chat with you. If you're not a current Google Talk user, you'll need to create a new Google Account. If you have Gmail on your Google Account, you can use Google Talk with your Gmail username and password. You can also use the Google Talk Gadget; just go to and click 'Launch Google Talk Gadget.'

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Try it out below! If you see a green dot beside my name, I'm available (you also have the option of setting your status to "busy" or creating a custom status message). Say hi!