Monday, June 2, 2008

Tool of the Day: Mr. Linky

Have you met Mr. Linky? He's good to have around when you want to allow readers to create links to their own sites or other sites. The links show up as a numbered list within your post. I used Mr. Linky in this old Baby Cheapskate post to provide readers with an easy way to link to their own blogs. Here's another example of Mr. Linky usage from An Island Life. This 5 Minutes for Mom post shows you how to use Mr. Linky with memes and carnivals.

It's easy to install Mr. Linky code on your post. Just register at Mr. Linky and go to the widget wizard. Click on the appropriate selections ("Original Auto-Linkies" is the classic version) and click the "generate code" button. You'll see two pieces of code. The instructions tell you what to do with each piece.