Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Make Your Blog Easier to Read with Peekaboo Posts

I'm so proud! I just successfully modified my html template and post template without making BlogCoach disappear!

My blogger interviews are turning out to be pretty long, and I don't want to subject you to a whole blog full of text, so I wanted to figure out how to make "peekabo posts" where you see a paragraph or so only and click on a link to read more. This is a peekaboo post...

Peekaboo, or expandable, posts are great for long posts that take up lots of room. They allow your readers to see more of your posts at once. I followed the instructions for Blogger on Hackosphere. If you want to try, make a copy of your template before you start messing with your code. Ramani's instructions for Peekaboo posts require you to copy and paste a few snippets of code (two additions and one change) into the html portion of your template. Then you copy and paste a few more lines into your post template. Easy! Now every time I create a new post I see this:

Type your summary here

Type rest of the post here
And that's exactly what I do. If I don't want a peekaboo post, I just delete the two lines above and start typing.