Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Interview with Heather of

Yours is one of the few blogs with two authors. What are the benefits and challenges of working with another blogger?

Working with another person can be fantastic and I think we'd both say we've really enjoyed it. Whitney is available to cut the workload of regularly maintaining a blog in half (yay!) and she's the best person to turn to when I want a reality check on my writing. We don't proof or edit each other's work very often, but it's really nice to have a safety net.
You and Whitney recently published a book based on activities from Rookie Moms. What are the primary steps a blogger should take if she's interested in creating a book inspired her blog? Can you describe the process?
First, the shameless plug: our book, The Rookie Mom's Handbook, is based on some of our favorite activities from the site and dozens of new ones and makes a perfect baby shower gift. But the answer to writing your own book from your site is probably a little more complicated. We initially created a book proposal based on the guidelines from Chronicle Books and sent it around to anyone who didn't require a literary agent. If that doesn't sound very glamorous, it's because it wasn't. We pursued the book project entirely on our own because we thought it would make a useful and handy little book. The good folks at Quirk Books agreed and so we were lucky enough to create the book together.

The book A Book is Born tells more about women writers creating books from their prose and might be worth a read.
You're also a web producer. What does that mean, exactly?
In my "real life," I am a project manager for large websites' features and content. I manage teams of designers and software engineers. It's a lot like being a mom... trying to herd cats, only with more spreadsheets and a paycheck.
You and Whitney founded RookieMoms back in 2005. How has blogging changed since then?
More community! More blogs and more women realizing that blogs are a great source of information, companionship, and validation for all the questions that they have as new moms. Consequently, there are more marketers realizing that blogs are a fantastic way to reach their target audiences, so that changes things too.
What tips do you have for bloggers just starting out?
Do it because you love it and because you have something to say. The money will probably never come. And if it does, that will be a double bonus because you're already having so much fun.

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