Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to Make a Contact Form for Your Blog

Earlier I posted about the hazards for both bloggers and readers of posting email addresses on blogs. Here's an easy work around that allows your readers to contact you easily and protects your email address (and theirs) at the same time.

How To:

  1. Go to Google Docs. Create a new spreadsheet, then title and save it.
  2. Click the Share tab. Under "Invite People" select "to fill out a form." At the bottom of the page you can select to be notified anytime the spreadsheet changes. Be sure to select this option so that you'll know when someone uses your form.
  3. Now click "Start editing your form" and add your questions. When you've finished, click "Next, choose recipients." Look for the "embed" link near the upper right corner. Click it and you'll get some code to paste.
  4. Create a new post and paste in the code. Publish.
  5. Make a text link to the post on your sidebar. If you don't want the post to show up on the index page of your blog, backdate it so that it falls off the page.
  6. When someone fills out your form, the information will be sent to a spreadsheet and you'll be notified that it's there.
Here's Google's version of the steps.

And here's my form:

Other ways to make forms: