Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BlogCoach: Lessons from Month One

BlogCoach.org is a month old today!

Since the official launch on June 8 I've messed around with the BlogCoach layout compulsively. I have to try this stuff out before I tell you about it, right? Here are some additions I've made to the layout. I'm pretty proud of myself:

Have you enjoyed the weekly blogger interview series as much as I have? Wow. A million thanks to busy bloggers Amy, Jeremiah, Heather, Heather, Fatima, and Jen for taking the time to answer my questions. We've got even more don't miss interviews and guest posts lined up.

There really is no better way to become a student of something than to put yourself in the position of disseminating information about it. My research for BlogCoach posts have taken me to amazing new sites where I've read scores of articles on blogging (see the Reading List). I've discovered new tools and widgets. I've learned how to tell the difference between a Blogger blog and a WordPress blog just by looking. I know that all this "studying" has made Baby Cheapskate a better blog, too. I've added a Top Commenters widget to my sidebar and implemented a Google Docs "contact me" form after learning about both during my BlogCoach research.

Your questions and comments on the BlogCoach Community Board have added so much to the site. I envision BlogCoach as a cooperative blogging community wherein we all have hacks, tidbits, and encouragement to share with other bloggers. I hope you'll visit the board often and help me build a space like that. And why not stick our banner or our chiclet (see sidebar) on your site to help spread the word?

My Wish List: Over the coming months I'd like to feature more guest posts from other bloggers, particularly those working with WordPress and those who are MUCH more comfortable with tech stuff like coding. I'd love to see more interviews with designers, as well. Tell me what you'd like to see featured on BlogCoach by making a suggestion on our skribit widget below.

Tiny though BlogCoach's readership may be at the moment, I'm having a fabulous time. Thanks for that.