Friday, July 25, 2008

Critique This Blog #3: Dollars and Sense

Today we'll be taking a look at the blog of fellow Atlantan Fatima, who runs the shopping website Fatima wrote to me a couple of weeks ago during a little blog identity crisis:

There has been a lot of press recently on “mommy bloggers” so this has really gotten me thinking. What makes a blog successful? What really resonates with readers? So I started reading some of the most popular mommy blogs to learn what they do and how I could improve my blog.

Where did I start? Obviously, I started with Heather Armstrong has the biggest mommy blog out there. Yet, when I looked at her blog it seemed to be the exact opposite of my blog. I don’t get really personal with my posts, hers are incredibly personal. I try to keep my posts short and sweet where readers don’t have to scroll too much. Her posts are quite long even with the small font. My goal with my posts is to provide information for my readers not just to chat. wasn’t the only blog I looked at. I started reading many other popular mommy blogs and most of them seemed to follow that path. Perhaps the most surprising was Motherhood Uncensored. So now I am at a crossroads. Do I need to change my style to be successful?
Fellow BlogCoaches, take a look at Fatima's blog, Dollars and Sense. What do you think?
  • Does Fatima need to change her style to be successful?
And more generally,
  • What makes a blog successful?
  • What really resonates with readers?