Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Blogging Guidance from Really Good Blogs

So many spot-on articles about blogging have been published within the past several days! I really must share. Here are snippets from five of the best:

From AlphaMom, Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog, Find Readers, and Achieve World Domination in 10 Easy Steps:

Now, when it comes to registering your own domain -- the #1 Most Important Thing I Will Ever Tell Anyone Ever is to pleeeeeeeeeease spring for a PRIVATE registration. It does cost extra, but it. Is. Essential. If you do not specifically sign up and pay for a private, third-party registration, your VERY PERSONAL INFO is available to ANYONE who does a WHOIS search on your domain name. Your full name, your home address, telephone -- anything you provided to the registrar when you bought the domain -- is added to the public, open and searchable WHOIS record for that URL."

..."When you get a comment, either click through to the commenter's blog and return the favor, or reply in some other way (i.e. via email or publicly in your comment section).

From Toblerone, for Blissfully Domestic, Better Your Blogging with 10 Nifty Tools:

1. Find basic HTML code - Just trying to find simple HTML for your everyday code issues? HTML Code Tutorial has a good quick reference sheet that has most HTML codes.

2. Find basic CSS code - The same thing for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is available with this reference guide and tutorial. Good basic stuff.

From Sueblimely in Blog Nosh, 50 Timeless Blogging Tips:

33. Nothing gives an author so much pleasure as to find his works respectfully quoted by other learned authors.
Benjamin Franklin

From Sara Ost for ProBlogger: The Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge Method, Or, Blogging is Flirting:
Readers love seeing their name in hypertext (who doesn’t?). Mentioning and discussing a comment from Susan is great, but if you can use a tip from her, all the better. Your readers will begin working hard to find good information for you to post about, saving you work. And all you had to do was wink! Remember to say “Reader Susan”, not just “a reader” or “this chick”.

From Karla, for Blogging Basics 101, New Blogger Checklist:
Decide what and whom you are blogging for.

{This is also referred to as finding your niche.} Are you blogging to share with family and friends (that is the way most of us got sucked into it)? To make money? To promote your business? Consider this first, because this will help establish the tone and voice of your blog. This can always change. But if it changes drastically (ie: switch from writing about family to mainly promoting your business) you may need to start a new blog altogether.