Friday, August 8, 2008

Critique This Blog #5: Almost Frugal

Today we're critiquing the blog, Almost Frugal, published since last December by Kelly, une blogeuse américaine who lives in France. Before that, Kelly's blog was called My Small Cents.

Kelly says, "I have been around for a bit more than six months now and I feel like I'm stagnating and pulling teeth to get readers and subscribers. What do people think of the content and design as well? I'm really interested in how to retain readers, how to make my content sticky. When people read it, do they want to continue reading it and go on to look at other pages?"

Readers, can you give Kelly some feedback?

Want your blog critiqued on BlogCoach? No problem. It just needs to have been live for at least six months. Email me and let me know specifically what you'd like readers to address. I'll schedule your critique.