Friday, September 26, 2008

Critique This Blog #11: Yield to Pedestrian

Today we're critiquing the blog Yield to Pedestrian: Giving Way to the Everyday. Los Angeles-based parent, professor, business owner, recovering cynic and blogger Amanda has been at it since February of this year. She'd like to know:

  • If the Pics Remix series is interesting? boring? fun? other?
  • If people find the science/politics/economics commentary more compelling
  • If you like the mix of the two
  • What you think about the header. good? bad? ugly?
  • If you have any other suggestions or feedback
What do you think, readers?

I've got a few more open critique. If you'd like your blog critiqued, are a registered member of the BlogCoach Community and have been blogging for six months or more, shoot me an email.