Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Featured Member Blog: Gidget Goes Home

Gidget Goes Home is one of our two featured member blogs, part of the new share-the-readers program for BlogCoach Community members.

Blogger Nicole (Gidget) talks about her life, her blogging, and an upcoming blog launch:

I'm a wife to an engineer, and mom to a 16-month old girl, and currently staying home with her. I love to read, write and surf, among other things. :) On Gidget Goes Home I write about "finding contentment in daily life"- which breaks down into topics on faith, family, food, green living, crafts, simple living, and more. I was a Spanish teacher before my daughter was born and so I also incorporate that a little into my blog (chronicling my attempts to teach her Spanish), although next week I hope to launch my new "side blog," all about language. I've been blogging about my family for a couple of years, but only recently ventured out on my own and I'm thoroughly enjoying the creative outlet and the community that blogging brings.
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I'll select two new member blogs on Friday, October 10.