Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to Post .PDFs and Docs on Your Blog

Laurie of Moms By Heart posted this question on the Community Board: "I have converted my monthly meal plan into a PDF. Now I would like to make it available to my blog readers. Since I am a newbie, I don't know how to establish a URL for my documents. I would like to be able to provide my readers with a hyperlink to my PDF documents. Can you help?"

Why yes, Laurie, I think I can!

Scribd allows you to upload a variety of document types, from MS Office stuff to .pdfs to text docs. You can upload from your computer, from a url, or just copy and paste into the Scribd window. After you've uploaded your docs, you'll be able to copy the document's url (click on "share this") or you can embed the document directly onto your site like this (it's live). Readers can view zoom in to view the document on your site or click to and download a .pdf of it from there. They can even email the doc or submit it to social media sites like using Scribd's interface.

Read this document on Scribd: HowManyDiapersPerPack

If all you want to do is post a link to a .pdf you've uploaded, try Yahoo Briefcase. You can upload up to 5 mb at a time with the free service. When your file's done, right click the name and copy the link location. Create a nice link for it on your blog and voilĂ !

My absolute favorite way to post documents is Google Pages. Unfortunately, they're no longer accepting new accounts as they transition to Google Sites.