Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tools: How to Make Your Site Load More Quickly

Christina at Northern Cheapskate posted a link to an awesome tool on the BlogCoach Community Board that I want to make sure everyone knows about.

WebsiteOptimization.com is a no-frills website performance tool and speed analyzer that can tell you just WHY it is that your site takes a while to load. Just type in your URL and wait. A few seconds later you'll find out how much space each of the elements on your blog takes up and how long each type takes to download with a 56K modem and a T1 connection.

When you work on a new computer with DSL speed or better, you tend not to think about page load times as much as you should. After using this tool, I feel compelled to offer those of you who read Baby Cheapskate on a 56k or slower modem a sincere apology for taking up so much of your valuable time. Six minutes to load? I sure hope that's inaccurate.

Below that, you'll see a detailed breakdown of every object on your page (images, widgets, etc.), the size, and the url it pulls from. The items at the top of the list are the largest.

At the bottom of the page are the site's recommendations for how to improve your load time. As you can see from the snippet below that all the images (ads, etc.) and scripts on my site slow it down considerably. Ah, the price of monetization.

Take a look at WebsiteOptimization.com and let me know what it tells you about your site. And if you know of other similar tools, I'd love to hear about them.