Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly Widget: CommentLuv for Wordpress

I'm in luv with CommentLuv. Too bad it's just for Wordpress blogs. Check it out: Find a blog that uses it and leave a comment. If you're a blogger, CommentLuv will pull the latest item from your RSS feed and post a titled link to it at the bottom of your comment! CommentLuv provides lots of extra motivation for your readers to comment on your posts.

From plugin author fiddyp: "CommentLuv appends the authors last blog post to their comment before saving it to the database. It can parse a Wordpress, Blogspot or Typepad feed found in the default location, if one doesn't exist there, it parses the comment authors page for a feedburner feed and uses that instead." (link)

In a Twitter conversation earlier today Angie at Women's Diet and Fitness, told me she uses CommentLuv on her blog and likes it because it shows her readers that she appreciates their comments. Here's a screenshot of CommentLuv in use at Angie's blog. See the link at the bottom?

Download CommentLuv from Wordpress.

Will someone at Blogger please adapt this so I can use it? Pretty please?