Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Widget: Raise Money with Global Giving

One of my very favorite things about having a large readership on my other blog is that it allows me to raise more money for worthy causes than I would be able to raise on my own. If you like to pay it forward as well, you'll be interested in this widget. Featured in the New York Times, on CNN, and on NPR, lets you put a widget on your blog to raise money for the worthy cause of your choice. I recently put one on Baby Cheapskate to help raise money for baby supplies for sixty needy families in the Bronx.

To get the widget, go to GlobalGiving and find a project that interests you. There are dozens to choose from. Just pick a category and start browsing. When you find one you'd like to support, scroll down until you see the widget. Click there and then click on the "embed" link at the top of the box. Click on "other sites" and you'll get the code you need to paste onto your blog (you can also share on Facebook, etc.). Here's what the widget looks like:When a reader clicks on "give now," she's taken to the Global Giving site, where she can read about the charity or project and make a donation.