Friday, October 10, 2008

Critique This Blog #13: Not So SAHM

Today we're critiquing Not So SAHM, by Vicki, who describes her blog this way: "I write about everything from family and homeschooling, humor and encouragement, to politics and religion. It’s a mix of daily life—the Not So SAHM way!" Here's what Vicki wants to know:

  • Is the design and layout distracting? Pleasing? Too busy?
  • I love three columns, so I don't plan on changing that...but do readers prefer a certain 'order of events' on the page? Do I have my buttons, etc in a good order?
  • Do you notice the tabs near the top of the page: 'home', 'bling', etc? Should that info be included on the main page?
  • Any general suggestions on how to improve the overall look of the site? The post layouts? The sidebars?
What feedback can you offer Vicki, readers? What do you think about Not so SAHM?

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