Sunday, October 12, 2008

Featured Member Blog: Travels With Children

Travels with Children is one of our two featured member blogs, part of the share-the-readers program for BlogCoach Community members.

Blogger Linda, aka "minnemom," has been blogging about her Travels with Children at for a year now. She's always enjoyed taking her four kids to new places, and she started her site to help other parents find family-friendly sites, reduce their fear of taking kids out in public, and proving that travels close to home can be as much fun as those many miles away. Her road trips and day trips and field trips keep her busy, and she loves to share newly-found interesting places with her readers.

A few recent articles at Travels with Children:
Top Five Tips for a Successful Outing with Kids
Green Meadows Petting Farm: Family fun in Kissimmee
Help! Things to do in Grand Forks, ND?

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