Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tools: SUMO Paint Online Image Editor ROCKS!

Need to make an ad for your blog? A button for your sidebar? A blog header? Forget about and all the other sites I've told you about. Use SUMO Paint. I did, and I think I'm in love.

I Stumbled Upon SUMO Paint the other day and decided to put it to the test and try to make a 125x125 placeholder ad for my Project Wonderful account. Here's my handiwork:

I was able to import the row of BlogCoach flowers straight from the graphic on the community board, crop it, place it, add text, and more. When I was done, I just saved the image to my computer, uploaded it to Photobucket, and imported it into Project Wonderful. This was a very simple project. You could get a lot fancier if you wanted. If you can do it with Photoshop, you'll probably find that you can do it here.

Currently, in public beta, SUMO Paint allows you to import .jpg images from your computer, from a website, or from your SUMO Paint account. You don't even have to join to use the application. You can access the application directly.

Anyone with a little Photoshop knowledge will be able to figure out SUMO Paint's tools, filters, and menus immediately (i.e., didn't Adobe trademark that stuff?). I'm interested to hear how those of you not familiar with Photoshop like it. Start with the Features page, which gives a nice rundown of SUMO Paint's features.