Monday, October 13, 2008

Will Project Wonderful Live Up to its Name?

Hey, what's that new stuff on the sidebars? Why, it's advertising! Or it will be. I hope.

I'm trying out an innovative advertising program called Project Wonderful. Ads are sold by auction to the highest bidder. Right now, for example, you can place a 125x125 ad in the middle sidebar for a measly .40 a day ($12 a month). If the ad spots are full, and someone wants to up the ante and bid more than .40 a day, the higher bidder's ad will replace the lower bidder's ad. Project Wonderful keeps 25%.

As you can see, no bidders yet. Cough*Hint*Cough. I'll keep you posted, and you'll be able to see for yourselves how long it takes for those four ad spots to fill up. It seems like Project Wonderful could be a great way for bloggers to make a little money, and I like the control it gives publishers. I especially like that you can get a payout after you've earned just $10.