Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Five Favorites: Modern Blog Headers

Your blog's header establishes the tone for your blog. A textured, hand-drawn header tells me you're creative. A cartoon-y header tells me you don't take yourself too seriously. An edgy, rock-n-roll header tells me you're a non-conformist. A crisp, modern header tells me you've got a clear head on your shoulders.

Me? I love modern design. I adore white space. I've rounded up five modern blog headers that I think are just fabulous. When I see headers like these, I'm immediately intrigued. I subscribe, just so I can see it again.

Note that none of these headers are overly "fancy." There's no animation, nothing that a blogger who's been around the html block couldn't figure out. What's your blog style?

Unclutterer's header is, well, you know. It's minimalistic look ties in nicely with the theme of the blog. Designed by Dancing Mammoth, which itself has a pretty cool header.

WildParenting.com: A Blogger blog that continues the clean, uncluttered look throughout. One- color header (plus b/w, of course). Love the yellow icon/logo. Designed by blogger Laura's husband Jeff Kelly.
. Another clean, modern header. The long horizontal and soft color scheme give this header a restful feel. Designed by O'Connor Media Design, who has done work for huge firms like Conde Nast, Philip Morris and more.

This gorgeous header can be found Six Apart co-founder Mena Trott's personal blog, Dollar Short. This header is actually two columns. Click the link and you'll see what I mean. Another soothing color palette. I like that she chose a gray type treatment in the title rather than black. I believe this header was designed by Trott herself.

Designed by Ruby & Roja, This graphic header at To Think is to Create is modern without being "sterile" in the least. It's also paired with a trendy "wood grain" backgound. Ruby and Roja also created the lovely header at Adventures in Babywearing.

What's your blog design aesthetic? What does your blog's header say about you?

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