Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get the Most Out of Your Peak Traffic Days

Our most recent BlogCoach poll asked you which day of the week brings you the most traffic. Most of you said Monday (that's my peak day as well). Wednesday got 25% of your vote, followed somewhat equally by Tuesday and Thursday. The weekends? Not so much.

How can bloggers take advantage of peak traffic days?
Do you post your most powerful stuff on then days when you know more people will read it, or do you post it on lighter days in hopes of enticing more readers?

In his article, Leveraging Daily Blog Traffic, Daily Blog Tips author Daniel Scocco says, "If you are writing a “top notch” article for your blog, it would be a good idea to publish it on the most trafficked day of the week. This will maximize the number of potential readers, also increasing your chances of receiving backlinks and appearing on social bookmarking sites."

Lorelle VanFossen of Lorelle on WordPress says what's really important is not when you post, but that your best content is posted before the rush arrives rather than during times of high traffic.

Can posting great stuff at slow times bring in more traffic?
NorthxEast's Collis Ta'eed says maybe: "Of course if everyone else is waiting until Tuesday to post their best posts, perhaps that makes Wednesday the best day since its much easier for your diamond to shine when its set on a backdrop of stones…"

Lorelle says that for her, posting powerful material on slow days does not bring in more readers:
This has played out over and over again on this blog in particular. If I make a fabulous post within that time frame, traffic levels rise and I notice a lot more incoming links and trackbacks, links from people who are writing about or linking to what I’ve written. If I post a similar article, just as fabulous, during the off-times, the traffic levels stay the same and there are no traffic surprises in incoming links or trackback levels.
So what do you do on days with less readership?
ProBlogger's Darren Rowse lists three ways to take advantage of lighter traffic days in a 2005 article on Blogging Rhythms:
  • Perform non-writing tasks: advertising, SEO, relationship building, etc.
  • Write and publish "extra special posts" in order to draw traffic (rather than lighter posts as Ta'eed suggests).
  • Rest!
Readers: Do you keep traffic flow in mind as you publish your posts? Does traffic affect when and what you publish? How does what you do on high-traffic days differ from what you do on slower days?
photo by banoootah_qtr via flickr