Monday, November 3, 2008

Reader Wants to Start a Blog. Would You Read It?

Dani sent in this question by email. I asked her if I could post it here, because BlogCoach readers are full of good advice.

Here's Dani's question:

I've been reading Heather's blog at Freebies 4 Mom for a couple months now and have been debating my own blog. While I'm learning a lot about the technical sides and such, I'm not certain if my idea is something that people will want to read.

I'm thinking of sharing my "To-Do List" to the public. Not the shopping kind, but the "go skydiving, hike through Europe, etc." kind. So far I've been thinking of posting the list, my daily steps towards checking one off the list and providing photo proof that I did in fact meet my goals. I would have countdown (get these things done by my birthday sort of thing) and start all over again with a new list the next year.

Does this sound like a marketable idea in the blogging world? My concern is paying a host site for a blog that no one will even read. I'm okay with not making money. This is more about inspiration and accountability to succeed with your goals.
The question, "is this something people will want to read?" is one all successful bloggers have to answer not only regarding the concept of the blog itself, but ultimately about each post we write. Dani's asking for our input:
  • What does Dani need to consider before starting her blog?
  • What other questions does she need to answer?
  • What do you think of her idea for a blog?