Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Comment Luv on BlogCoach! You Can Do It Too!

Are you good at following directions? Good. Then it shouldn't be difficult for you to install CommentLuv on your Blogger or Typepad blog. If you use WordPress, it's even easier, since there's a Plug In just for you.

The directions may seem complicated, but as I said, it's actually easy if you follow the directions here (Blogger) or here (TypePad). There's even a video tutorial. As with any tinkering you do with your template, make sure to save a backup.

Should you try it? Readers who have their own blogs love CommentLuv, as it allows them to automatically link back to their own sites. Who doesn't love free (and condoned!) publicity. Also, CommentLuv allows readers to reply to an individual comment in threads.

As a blogger, you'll like CommentLuv because

  • It allows you to moderate or delete comments directly below each one.
  • Your pre-CommentLuv comments will be saved and visible as well.
  • It's a nice looking interface.
  • There's even a commenter "karma" system you can enable or disable.
  • Got trolls? You can block their comments by IP.
Any cons? I can't really say since I just installed it a few minutes ago. I do notice a one or two second delay before the comment counter registers the correct number of comments. No big deal yet. It may also slow down your page load time a little bit.

I'll post any other bugs I see here so you can see them. If I don't like it, I'm promised that I'll be able to remove CommentLuv and keep all pre-CL and post-CL comments. Says the JS-Kit FAQ page: "If you want to roll back to the built-in commenting mechanism, simply deactivate the JS-Kit plugin. Thanks to comment synchronization, all the comments your visitors left using JS-Kit will remain (but all the neat features introduced by JS-Kit will be lost)."

Once you get CommentLuv working, you may want to add some CSS and customize its look a bit like I did. Here's a how-to.

So far, so good. If you're reading this, please say hi in the comments to help me test CommentLuv. Let me know what you think of the interface as a reader.

If you try CommentLuv, leave a comment below and let us know how you like it! Your comment will Luv you back!