Friday, December 19, 2008

Tools: is Following You!

Not only do the comments you leave on BlogCoach link back to your site thanks to Comment Luv, but as of today, your comments will also improve your search engine ranking. Why?

I've turned off the "no follow" attribute in my template. The "no follow" code found in Blogger, WordPress and TypePad templates prevents outgoing links from being counted in search engine rankings. The rationale is that this prevents spam comments. The general opinion is that it doesn't prevent them. We will see, readers, we will see.

Removing "no follow" is yet another way to encourage readers to leave comments and spread some bloggy love!

Want to do it, too? Here's how:

Make sure your CAPTCHA is turned on to reduce spam comments. If you get too many, you can always reinstate "no follow".

Advice for commenters
When commenting on a Blogger blog without Comment Luv, readers should, according to,"choose the option for Name/URL on the drop down box “Select profile”. This will allow you to enter your Name (or name of your blog) and the Url to the blog itself." In other words, make sure your blog's url is there somewhere.

Do you follow? If so, have you seen an increase in comments? How about an increase in spam?

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