Monday, January 26, 2009

Trend Watch: Hand-Drawn Blog Headers

Need a blog header? Not to undervalue the talent of all the wonderful blog designers out there, but in this case, why pay someone to do something even a kid could do? A blog header with hand-drawn art and/or lettering tells the world that you're both creative and down-to-earth. The squigglier, the better, so get out the markers and turn on the scanner!

Here are a few examples of blog headers with hand drawn elements:

Petit Elefant. Professionally-drawn (or at least looks that way) and sweet.

Hand drawn over computer-made diagonal-line background at OH C'CHOU

Simple, grayscale header at Easy!

From the site for the indie movie Juno. The hand-drawn theme is carried throughout the site--not just the header.

You could always incorporate one hand-drawn element with a non-hand drawn font treatment. I've always loved Kelly's squirrel. Check it out at Almost Frugal.

You could even take the idea to the extreme, like Jeff Bridges did (though you'd be sacrificing readability).

You can also get the hand-drawn look by using a hand-drawn font or texture. This Design Reviver post offers more than 350 of them. And here's a site that offers free, hand-drawn social media icons.

More examples of hand-drawn headers and blog images (Plus advice on making your own):
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Can you find examples of hand-drawn elements on blogs?