Monday, January 5, 2009

Critique This Blog #21:

Dealicious Mom is a frugality/deals blog that's been around since last March. DealiciousMom blogger Sara would like you to critique her site. She wants to know:

  • If she needs a blog makeover
  • If her blog looks too unorganized.
  • If her content is eye catching or dull?
  • If there are topics or areas that readers feel I should include or cover on my blog that I am not covering currently.
Says Sara: "I am worried that I focus too much on certain areas and not enough on areas that my readers would enjoy more. Sometimes I feel like I am too all over the place and that I need to refocus. I am open to all suggestions. If you take a look and see anything you think needs to be addressed I would love for you to include that as well."

Readers: What do you think about Sara's blog?