Monday, January 12, 2009

Critique this Blog #22: Color Me Untypical

Today we're critiquing Color Me UnTypical by Jessica. Jessica wants to know what you think about her two-year-old blog:

  • Design & Sidebars: I've been told by some of my readers that they love the new design, but because I'm a terrible critic of myself, I can't help but feel that it's too crowded or the look of it isn't right. Can new readers read things clearly? Is it easy to navigate?
  • Niche: The previous design had pictures of my dogs in the header and it looked like a blog about pugs, which it's not. It's more of a homemaking, retro-living, redneck-ish blog. My husband came up with my new tag-line, which I love. Anyways, looking at the blog, can you tell in general what it's about?
  • New Reader Loyalty: According to my analytics, my readers stay for no more than 3 minutes. What catches the eye of new readers when they see my blog? Would you subscribe? If so why, and if not, please tell me why not. (I won't have hurt feelings, I promise.)
  • Content: I'm a bit of a mixture when it comes to my writing. I write about personal things. Funny conversations my husband and I have, my life, homemaking, etc. How is the content? Is it something that's interesting, even if it's just a funny little quip about married life? Should I write longer posts about how-to's in the life of a housewife? More personal and serious? Or is keeping it light and funny working better?
  • Anything Else: Any other suggestions, critiques, or comments will help me immensely. Most of my frequent readers are dear friends who wouldn't say anything to critique the blog even if they wanted to.
BlogCoach readers: What advice can you offer Jessica?