Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monetize with Chitika: Search Targeted Advetising

New readers who find through a search engine have a slightly different experience of the blog. They'll see something like this on my sidebar:

That's a Chitika|Premium ad module, and it's yet another way to monetize your blog. It displays text ads or text and graphic ads to users who arrive at your url via search engine. Your regular viewers, who arrive directly or through feed links, don't see it. Nor do readers referred from links on other websites.

I've had Chitika|Premium on my blog for about a month, and my revenue so far with Chitika has been similar to the revenue I receive from Ad Sense. I earn somewhere around a dime each time a reader clicks on an ad. You'll get paid via PayPal when your balance meets the $10 minimum. You can also choose to be paid via check when your balances reaches a $50 minimum.

Chitika|Premium is compatible with AdSense, BlogHer ads, and other ad networks. The modules come in a variety of sizes (leaderboards, skyscrapers, small squares, etc.), giving you tons of placement flexibility. You can also customize the link, background, and text colors. Type in keywords to help Chitika display ad results that are relevant to your readers. If you're a Wordpress user, you can install Chitika via a new, handy plug in.

BlogCoach readers: Do you use Chitika? How do you like it?