Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Q&A: Blog Giveaway Gone Wrong

A BlogCoach member writes,

Last year I did a big blog giveaway and gave away a number of my favorite baby/parenting items. All of the prizes have been delivered to the winners except one. The store keep promising my that they are sending it "that day" but the winner still doesn't have it and it's been over a month now...I don't know what to do??!! Do I have any legal rights? What should I do to resolve this??? Should/can I write to the owner one final time saying that if it isn't received in the next 5 business days I will be posting a retraction on my blog about the prize letting everyone know that it was never sent? Any suggestions/help would be GREATLY appreciated!

What do you think, readers? What should she do? Has this ever happened to you? How was it resolved?