Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tools: Blog Your Tweets with LoudTwitter

We all use Twitter in different ways. In addition to marketing, many of us also use it to note the daily facts and feelings of our lives--from pregnancy to parenthood to perimenopause and beyond. Put all those 140- character-or-less pieces together and they'll form a pretty clear impression of your life.

LoudTwitter posts your daily tweets to your blog as a blog post. These bulleted lists of Twitterings aren't appropriate for all blogs; they work well with journal-type sites. I have a private blog, for example, that I use as a journal. LoudTwitter sends my tweets there every evening.

To sign up, you start by entering your blog address. If you use LiveJournal of Typepad, you'll enter your Atom API endpoint url (not as complicated as it sounds). If you use Blogger or Wordpress, you'll have your tweets emailed to yourself. Then, set up a forward for that daily email to the email address that publishes to your blog. Blogger users will find that email address in your "settings" under "email." I've been using LoudTwitter for a couple of weeks now, and it's been pretty seamless.

Readers, can you think of any other uses for LoudTwitter?