Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weekly Widget: Tell a Friend Makes Sharing a Snap

Tell a Friend by SocialTwist is kind of a cross between Feedburner's FeedFlares and ShareThis. It's a little widget that goes in the footer section of your posts. Readers who roll over it have the option of sharing your post via Stumbling, Digging, Tweeting, posting to Delicious.com, posting directly to their blogs, emailing, im-ing posting to Facebook etc. I love how friendly (no pun intended) and visible the widget is (shown here)--much more eye-catching than FeedFlare. You can check it out in action on Baby Cheapskate.

Sign ups is quick and painless. Choose the widget style you prefer and select the options you want to display. You'll be given a snippet of html to post into your template. You'll be instructed where exactly to paste it in.

Another great aspect of Tell a Friend (which Feedburner's FeedFlares don't offer) is the ability to track the number of times your posts have been shared. Here are the usage stats for Baby Cheapskate, where I installed the widget a week or so ago:

I don't know how accurate the stats are, but it is interesting to me that almost twice as many readers shared via social media vs. email.