Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bring Traffic to Your Site with a Blidget

I've used this bloggy "Blidget" from Widgetbox for at least a year. It's like a feed reader in that it allows readers with their own blogs to place an updating, clickable list of my posts on their sites. My referral stats tell me it actually brings a bit of traffic! Readers with blogs of their own like this widget because they get my updates faster than the do from RSS feeds or email subscriptions. They also like it because they get to customize your widget to work with their blogs' design. Readers can also post the widget on their Facebook or MySpace pages.

Start here. Enter your blog's URL and design the look and feel of your widget. What color do you want it to be? What size? Do you want to show images? Post Summaries? Just titles? When you're done, click "Save Widget." you'll be prompted to join Widgetbox if you're not already a member. You'll also be given several opportunities. to "go Pro." You don't have to. Once you join (for free) or log in, you'll have access to the code that you'll paste on your site.

If you don't want to paste the entire widget on your site, you can just paste a "Get My Widget button" like I have on Baby Cheapskate, you can choose from several promo "panels". Adjust the size of the promo panels to fit your sidebar.

When a reader clicks on the panel, s/he will get to customize your widget. Your widget will also be listed publicly (if you choose) among Widgetbox's widget selection. Another chance to pull in traffic!

Here's what my new BlogCoach widget looks like at full size (For demo purposes. I honestly didn't spend much time on it):

Let me know what you think!