Friday, February 20, 2009

Catch the Live Tweets from the Mom 2.0 Summit

Some of your fellow BlogCoach readers are attending the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston this weekend, catching talks and discussions from web 2.0 notables like Guy Kawasaki, Lisa Stone, Kristen Chase, Janice Croze and more.

You can get an idea (in 140 characters or less) of what all those lucky attendees are learning about blogging, Twitter, etc. by watching their Tweets on Jenn Fowler (@JennFowler) of Frugal Upstate, for example, is providing all of us a service with her excellent Twitter note-taking. Just search for the hashtag #mom2summit. Here's a (slightly delayed) sampling:

Note: Posting this feed from Twitter Search here was easy. You can grab the feed for any Twitter search from the search page (look for the orange RSS icon). I subscribe to the feed in Google Reader, made the feed publicly viewable via the Settings page, and created a "clip" for my website.