Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Critique this Blog #23: Cuttlebug Challenges

I usually require that a blog be open for at least six months before posting it on for critique. That way, bloggers have the opportunity to become familiar with how their site interface works and to work out many of the bugs on their own. Recently Maggie of Cuttlebug Challenges contacted me for a critique. I made an exception to my six-month rule because I was intrigued by the opportunity to critique a blog with such a narrow focus. Maggie's blog is also a tutorial blog, and we've never critiqued one of those before.

Cuttlebug Challenges, a Blogspot blog, is aimed at "the crafter that uses the Cuttlebug machine, or any die cut machine that can emboss." A design team of more than a dozen people submits how-tos and photos for inspired craft projects that use the Cuttlebug machine. Maggie started the blog less than four months ago and has been pleased by how much traffic she's getting. She's frustrated, however, that she's not getting the reader comments and participation in the tutorials that she was expecting. Maggie wants to know:

  • Can you please tell me what you think of the blog?
  • Any design faux pas?
  • What we can improve on?
Readers: can you offer this newbie blogger suggestions that might help her increase reader participation on her blog?