Thursday, February 5, 2009

Have You Backed Up Your Blog Today?

I have to admit that I'm waaaay to lax about backing up my blog template regularly considering how important it is. If your site is hacked or if something crashes (or if you mess around with your code too much without knowing exactly what you're doing like I do), you'll need a back up in order to set things right. And the more recent, the better.

Backing up your Blogspot blog is simple. Just navigate to your Layout tab and click "edit html." You'll see "Download full template" at the top of the page. Just click and save the file to a folder on your desktop. Wordpress users can find instructions here.

OR you could have BlogBackupOnline back up your Blogger, Wordpress, TypePad (etc.) blog for you automatically every day!

Just register, activate your account. Then register your blog by typing in the url and click "start full backup." You don't have to input any blog passwords or usernames. The larger your blog, the longer the backup will take. It's best to allow at least an hour the first time you do a full backup.

If you're planning a migration from one blogging platform to another, BlogBackupOnline is especially useful, since you can backup your blog on one platform and restore it to another, says

"Freemium" (free") accounts at BlogBackupOnline provide up to 5 mb of storage. The site says that's enough for about 5000 posts of about 1000 characters each. You can always export your content and do what you want with it, but if you need to do a full automated restore (and let's hope that never happens), you'll need to upgrade to a paid account.

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