Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Create a Media Advertising Kit for Your Blog

Want to attract advertising to your site? You'll need to be able to show prospective advertisers what kind of bang they'll be getting for their buck. Enter the media advertising kit (also called a media kit or advertising kit).

A media ad kit, says Marko from in a recent ProBlogger post is like your blog's resume. That's a great way to think about it. Just as you "sell" your career accomplishments and skills on a resume, a media kit shows advertisers what your blog has to offer.

A media ad kit is simply a document that you'll make available as a .pdf that you can link to and send out via email. It's also a good idea to have an online version that you can link to. I suggest posting your media kit at where interested parties can download it or read it online.

A media ad kit includes:

  • Stats about your traffic: page views, unique visits, and subscribers
  • Information about who reads your blog (demographics).
  • A description of the focus of your site
  • A list of ad formats you're willing to do and rates
  • Press mentions and publicity your blog has earned.
  • Testimonials (comments from your adoring readers)
  • Social media you participate in (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Contact information
Marko suggests that you also show "how you rank in search engines for their product / service related keywords. Compile a list of keywords that you rank for that you can include in your blog media kit."


More Info

This is just a quick intro to media advertising kits. There's a fantastic article about selling your own ad space that includes detailed info on creating a media kit at Mom Bloggers Club. You can also dowload MBC's media kit template here or grab the one Tara (Deal Seeking Mom) and Mandi (Organizing Your Way) put together here. Blogging Basics 101 also has a great write-up about media kits.

Readers: Do you have a media ad kit for your blog? Let us take a look! Put a link to your blog's media kit in the comments.