Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rotating Banners: Save Space, Show Some Love

I came across this trick as I was working on some recent design changes for Baby Cheapskate. I needed to clear some things off my sidebar (don't we all), but I didn't want to remove my bloggy friends' banners.

This Javascript Banner Rotator Generator allows you to show as many as ten banners in the space of one by switching them out every few seconds. It may even allow you to give your pals better ad placement since it takes up so much less room. Check it out in action on BC's left sidebar. Look for "We Love." About 15 seconds should let you see it rotate through a couple of banners.

Simply enter the image link (post your banners somewhere like and the click-through url for each banner. Select whether you want the images to rotate automatically or every time the reader refreshes the page and choose how quickly you want the images to rotate (default is ten seconds). Type in the size of your ad and tell the generator whether you want the links to open in a new page or the same one. Click "generate," and the generator will give you the code you need to place on to your sidebar.

I can think of several applications for this tool. Etsy store owners could use it to display their products, etc. What uses can you think of?