Monday, February 9, 2009

Ten Take-Away Tips from BlissDom 09

Seeing you in person and hearing other experienced bloggers talk about our craft in the sessions at BlissDom 09 this weekend was tremendously inspiring to me. I'm starting the week with a renewed sense of both purpose and passion. Here's a short and rather random list of some of the ideas that are swimming around in my head today, some of which I'll be following up on with posts here on BlogCoach over the next few weeks:

Ten Take-Away Tips from BlissDom 09:

  • Bloggers really are friendly people. You should feel free to ask them questions.
  • Blogging is SUCH a flexible medium. A blog can be what you want it to be.
  • Community isn't just a bonus aspect of blogging; it is CENTRAL to blogging.
  • Creating your personal brand is really important. (More on this at Mashable)
  • PR folks and marketers are still trying to figure out blogging and social media. They're generally open to feedback about their outreach efforts.
  • Creating a media kit is essential if you want to attract advertisers, marketers, etc.
  • Negative comments usually have a grain of truth in them. Thus, they offer unique opportunities for learning and improvement.
  • Good grammar is invisible. Bad grammar is not. It's an obstacle between you and your readers.
  • Carrying an "idea book" allows you to jot down post ideas before you forget them.
  • It's completely okay not to post every day.
I'm overjoyed that I was able to meet many of the BlogCoach readers who attended the BlissDom conference--truly the highlight of BlissDom for me--despite the connectivity issues that plagued my MacBook for most of the conference. Once a little free tech help from Geek Squad got that taken care of it was much easier to find you! I wasn't able to take a single photo of myself with any of you due to an accompanying camera fail, but I'm partially consoled by the scores of Blissdom '09 photos being posted at Flickr (here, here and here) and elsewhere.

BRAVO to the BlissDom team for putting together the event. You aced it! Stylish Hotel Preston was a great locale. The conference swag (Land's End bag, free pair of Crocs, free CDs, free blogging book, Little Debbie snack cakes and more!) was plentiful and fabulous. The conference sessions were inspiring (transcripts available here), and I'm already looking forward to doing it all again at BlogHer in July. I'll bet some of you are, too!

BlissDom Attendees: What did you learn at BlissDom 09? If you put a BlissDom post on your blog, link to it in the comments!