Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Critique This Blog #27: This Side of Eternity

Today we're critiquing the frugal blog This Side of Eternity. Kristie, who's been blogging for about year, says, "I am really open to all criticism at this point. I know there are things that need to be changed, however I'm just not sure where to start." Kristie wants to know:

  • How can I improve the overall look and layout of my blog?
  • What is missing that you think should be included in this blog?
  • Are my blog topics to scattered? I blog about homeschooling, saving money, and anything else that catches my attention. Should I narrow things down, or does this work for my blog?
  • How can I make the header more eye catching?
Readers, what do you think of This Side of Eternity? What advice can you off Kristie that will let her take her blog to the next level?