Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get Inspired with Plinky.com

I have a secret blog. I used to be a poet (published!) and literary editor, but somewhere along the way after age 25 I kind of lost the ability to do that kind of writing. Who knows what happened, but it's mighty unfortunate. Anyway, I've created a secret blog so that I can try to get my writing mojo back. It's haaard. It makes me admire those of you with memoir-style blogs even more.

The hardest part is making it a habit, and that is, in part, because while it's easy to write about exciting life events, it's haaard to find topics to write about on those "same-old, same-old" days.

Enter Plinky.com. It's where writing inspiration meets social media. Every day, Plinky (which was founded by former Google business development team member Jason Shellen) provides a writing prompt that you can answer on your Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad blog, Facebook page, etc. Even Twitter! Today's prompt: "Name a book that changed your mind or opened your eyes."Hey, I can do that!

You can share answers to the prompts with other Plinky users whom you "follow" (sound familiar?). It's fun to scroll through the responses to the prompts. If the daily prompt doesn't inspire you, you can take a gander at a big long list of them. You can even submit your own prompts if you like.

For your convenience and inspiration, I've added a feed of the Plinky prompts to the middle column of BlogCoach.

So readers, give it a try by answering today's Plinky prompt in the comments below:

Name a book that changed your mind or opened your eyes