Friday, March 27, 2009

Tools: Mix It Up with a Presentation

I was reading an article about social media campaigns at when I noticed the "meet Stephanie" slide show on the right sidebar. What an original way to do an "about me" for your blog! The presentation uses a website called SlideShare.

Remember those presentations you had to make for high school science class? Forget about them. Slide shows are actually a sophisticated, flexible means of presenting information to your readers. Whereas a vlog is limited (generally) to video, a slide show allows you to mix it up. You can incorporate text, still images, screen shots and video (even YouTube videos) and .mp3s in the same presentation.

SlideShare allows you upload presentations you've created in PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and even Google Docs. You can upload .pdf documents, as well. SlideShare incorporates a "social media" aspect (surprise!), allowing you to browse and share videos with contacts and "friends."

Here's how it works:

  1. To upload, just choose the file from your desktop. To upload a GoogleDocs presentation, save the presentation as a PowerPoint (.ppt) file using the "download" option. Then upload it to SlideShare.
  2. SlideShare then converts the slide show (My short one below took about three minutes to convert.). Once it's done, just copy and paste the embed code anywhere you like.
  3. On your site, readers click the "play" arrow to start the slide show. They can allow it to play automatically, or control the speed with the arrows at the bottom of the player.

A few ideas for using slideshare:
  • Make a slideshow of photos and tips you got from the latest blogging conference.
  • Make a visual "about me" element for your page, like the one at
  • Show readers how to do something, step by step.
  • Present a few of your favorite websites using screenshots
  • Create a webinar!

Want to see the difference between uploading a GoogleDocs presetation directly and uploading it to SlideShare first? The top presentation is straight from GDocs. The second is from SlideShare. The SlideShare presentation plays automatically after the user presses "play." The GDocs presentation does not. Also, once the SlideShare presentation has stopped playing, it shows related presentations from the site.

What do you think? Is there a slideshow presentation in your future? What are some other ways you could incorporate presentations like this in your blog?