Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vote for the Best Bloggy Limerick

Thanks to everyone who shared their limericks. They're hilarious! Now it's time to vote. I've chosen my six favorites from the thirteen entries (which was really hard to do!). Which of them do you feel deserves top prize? Take a wee gander and vote below. I'll announce the winner on St. Paddy's Day!

Entry 1 THE WINNER! Congrats of Rachel of Modern Mommyhood!
My writing has really progressed
Since blogging, did someone suggest
Now I'm online too much
And I tend to skip lunch...
Cuz I'm just so comment-obsessed!

Entry 2
My day job is less than exciting
The monotony is so uninviting
With blogging I'm inspired!
As long as I don't get fired...
Just make sure I don't get caught writing!

Entry 3
Google Reader overflows with unread.
Think I'll check email instead.
Inbox full too! What am I to do?
I'll check Twitter and then go to bed.

Entry 4
There once was a woman who wrote
But her audience was quite too remote
So she started a blog
In the Internet fog
And now folks 'round the world read her note.

Entry 5
While the kids were asleep like a log
Mom said, "I'll work on my blog."
She wrote more and more
Until it was nearly four
And the next day she was in quite a fog.

Entry 6
There once was a traveling Mom
Who decided to found a .com
She recorded each trip
On her laptop and Flip
While remaining remarkably calm