Friday, March 6, 2009

Widget: Your Announcements, Front and Center

Got big news to share? Want to welcome new readers? Here's a way to make sure everyone gets the message. Announcement (download here) is a great little Wordpress widget I discovered on Frugal 4 A Busy Life yesterday. When the blog loaded, the index page was grayed out and a white announcement box was highlighted in the center of the page. Here's a screen shot from the plug-in author's site that shows the announcement window in action:

This a handy way to make sure your announcements are read by everyone who visits your site, and it's displayed only one time for each reader so that it doesn't get annoying. You can use text html to fancy up your news with colors, photos, etc. Just be sure to activate it, however, since, as the author tells us, the pop up is inactive by default.

As a Blogger user, I have to tell, you. I'm a little bummed that I can't use it. If anyone knows of a hack or similar widget for Blogger users, let us know!