Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blogger Makes it Easier to Post via Email and SMS

Can you type with your thumbs? I'll bet some of you can text almost as fast as you can type on a full-sized keyboard. If so, you're in luck. Blogger's made it easier for you iPhoners and Blackberriers to blog on the go via text message and Email. You may have noticed a couple of new icons in front of your blog's name on your Dashboard:

Click the first icon, a little cellphone, and you'll find out how to register your mobile device so that you can post directly to your blog via text message. You must have a U.S. number, and you can't post photos.

You can post photos with the posts you submit via email, however. Just click the envelope icon and choose a "secret word" that will become part of the email address you send your post to.

Side note: You may have also noticed that Blogger's made it easier to ad Adsense to your blog by giving it its own "Monetize" tab, next to "Layout"

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