Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekly Widget: Google Calendar Widget

I was browsing local deal site Atlanta on the Cheap recently and noticed the Google Calendar widget below:

I'm a huge Google Calendar fan--it's great for keeping track of blog admin tasks and upcoming giveaways. I appreciate how this blogger uses the GCal widget to announce upcoming local events. One click of the button at the bottom of the page added Atlanta on the Cheap's listed events to my own calendar, where it looks like this:

GCal also integrates with Gmail, syncs with other calendar programs, and is available for your mobile device.

There are several ways the GCal widget could be a handy addition to your own site. You could use it to announce upcoming bloggy events--giveaways, special series, etc. You could also use it to remind readers of ongoing or upcoming sales or deals if you're a frugal blogger. Travel bloggers could post local festivals and other events.

To add a GCal widget to your site you'll need to create the calendar at Google Calendar. Once you've got it set up, click the settings for the calendar. You'll see an option in "Embed this Calendar" section to "customize the color, size and other options." Clicking there will allow you to set the height, width, background color, etc. You can choose to show a "weekly" view, an "agenda" view, or the whole month. When you're ready, copy the "embed this calendar" code and paste it where you want it on your blog.