Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ask For and Offer Guest Posts with Blogger LinkUp

Guest posts are fantastic ways to get the word out about your blog or expand your readership beyond your present niche. A well-placed guest post on a blog with major traffic will score you mega-hits and earn you lots of new readers.

Often, all you have to do to place a guest post is email the author of the blog you've got your eye on with a quick note about what you're offering. To most busy bloggers, "guest post" is synonymous with "I get to take a break." As long as your topic and writing style work well for the other blog, you'll probably get a "Yes."

Now back to the "I get to take a break" part: If you're a full time blogger, you may have noticed that there's no such thing as "vacation." Sick days either, for that matter. When you stop, your blog does, too, unless you can prewrite posts or line up a few guest posts.

Just as placing your own guest post on another blog brings in new traffic, a guest post on your site will pull traffic from the guest blogger's site as well, since most guest bloggers announce their guest posts on their own blogs with a link to yours.

I've had pretty good luck asking readers for guest posts and soliciting them from my fellow bloggers. Approaching them with a pretty specific topic, desired length, and deadline generally works better than throwing out, "Just write whatever you feel like and send it over."

There's a new tool that makes guest posting even easier.

"Idea Lady" Cathy Stucker has just launched a new service that helps bloggers find and place guest posts. Free email service Blogger LinkUp seeks to connect bloggers looking for guest posts with bloggers who have guest posts to share. It's also a way to find sources for interviews you might want to conduct.

What I find so appealing about Blogger LinkUp is that it can expose you to areas of the blogosphere that you've never ventured into--niches can feel like a really small neigborhood, no? It's good to bring in fresh voices and new perspectives.

Subscribe to the Blogger LinkUp service and you'll receive one or two emails daily listing blogger opportunities. If you get the HARO reports, you'll recognize the format. Offers are listed at the top of the emails with more details down below. Today's emails listed six "guest posts wanted" and four "guest posts available." Topics for guest posts wanted ran the gamut from sports to weddings to SEO.

If you're interested in any of the offers for guest posts or if you'd like to write a guest post, simply contact the party who listed the item and go from there.

Want to request a post or offer one? Just follow the links on the emails you receive.
  • To request guest posts: Detail your needs, including whether you'll accept guest posts that have been previously published. Include the date by which you need the guest post.
  • To submit ideas for guest posts: Describe the types of posts you're offering and your qualifications. Include whether it's been previously published. You may not require payment for posts.
  • To request sources for interviews: Specify whether the interview is by telephone or email and whether you need a interview or just a quote. Describe the type of expertise you're looking for.
photo by jm3 via flickr