Friday, May 1, 2009

Tools: Promote Your Giveaways with

Blog giveaway aggregator can help you get the word out about your giveaways. It's not the only giveaway site out there, but it does offer some pretty helpful features.

Prizey readers can:

  • Check out the "Recent Listings" to see what's new
  • Subscribe to Prizey listings in their favorite feed reader
  • Vote for the best giveaways and they'll move up in the listings
  • Check out the "Ending Soon" page so they don't miss out
  • Easily share listings on social media sites
  • See if they've won right at PRIZEY
Here's what a giveaway listing looks like:

BlogCoach pals Jeremiah and Jennifer of ZRecommends fame have fancied up PRIZEY, so even if you've taken a look before, you should definitely check it out again. Says Jeremiah of the relaunch:
Instead of accepting only about half of the free submissions we receive, PRIZEY will now publish any giveaway that meets our submission guidelines. This means the total volume of posts will rise considerably. To manage this surge, we're dedicating the center column of PRIZEY - both the home page and all category pages - to showcasing Editors' Picks, which will now represent roughly half of all new submissions.
Listing your giveaway at PRIZEY is free. Just sign up and tell PRIZEY about your blog(s). You can manage listed giveaways in the Member Center.

BlogCoach readers: Do you let giveaway sites know about your giveaways? Which site(s) do you use? Do you feel you get more entries when you do?