Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Critique This Blog #29: Beautiful Blog Designs

Today we're critiquing work-at-home mom of four Amanda's site Beautiful Blog Designs. According to Amanda, the blog is a directory of the many talented women blog designers, and helps bloggers find beautiful free and premade templates if they cannot afford a custom design. Amanda also publicizes current custom blog design giveaways and specials that designers are offering. Amanda wants to make her blog extremely user friendly. She asks:

  • How can I improve the layout of the blog? Is it okay to have the designer listings on the front page or should I create specific buttons for each one and move them to separate pages?
  • Information about me is low on the page, because this blog isn’t about me, rather about blog designers and what they offer. But, do you think I should move “me” up the page?
  • I was occasionally doing designer showcases where I focused on a specific designer, but have lately just been high-lighting current giveaways, new free templates by designers and other blogging aids. Should I restart the showcases or just stick to giveaways and new free templates?
  • I don’t think I’ll ever have a huge following, because once a blogger gets what they need (a free, premade or custom design of their choice) they don’t really need my blog anymore. However, I would like to generate some traffic before they go. Would it be rude or forward to ask them to post about my blog when they do get a free template or custom design (if they found their design/designer through me)?
  • My blog is pretty “sticky,” with visitors staying an average of 7 minutes. However, I would like to increase the traffic. How can I better spread the word about Beautiful Blog Designs and what it offers?
  • Are there other things I should add or take away from the blog to help it be more user friendly?
BlogCoach readers, what advice can you offer Amanda?