Monday, June 22, 2009

Critique this Blog #30: April Showers

Today we're critiquing April Showers, by blog designer and self-proclaimed cat lover April. April Showers functions both as a personal blog for April and a showcase of her blog design talent. April would like you to take a look at her blog and respond to the following:

  • Your first impressions of my blog - does it look professional? Cutesy? Too bright? It is both a personal, and professional blog - so I need to convey BOTH.
  • While clicking on the tabs, is it easy to navigate? Does it look professional and well thought out? What could improve? If you were looking to hire me for your blog design, or any other design - are there any questions or concerns that you have about missing information? Do all my tabs and buttons direct clearly to what your looking for?
  • The whole thing is relatively simple in regard to special widgets, slideshows, weird links, etc... I've tried to limit all the extra "stuff" I see on other blogs that either clutter up the page, or take too long to load (i.e. flash, slideshows, etc...) But does this help or hinder me? Would you rather see a fancy flash intro or slideshow portfolio instead? Do you think I should have links to like facebook, Digg, Myspace, Stumbleupon, etc... somewhere? Does that really help?
  • How do my sidebars flow? With regard to the order of my widgets - what is the best place to put my profile info, my sponsors, etc...
BlogCoach readers, what do you think about April's blog?