Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blogger Buster Author Launches Directory of Gadgets For Blogger

If you've ever spent an afternoon searching the web trying to find just the right add-on widget for your Blogger blog, you'll understand why Blogger guru Amanda Fazani's new site is so cool.

The Blogger Buster author has launched a searchable directory of tested blog widgets for Blogger users. Each gadget listed at Gadgets for Blogger includes screen shots and clearly-written instructions for installation. Clicking the "add gadget" button at the bottom of each post often takes you straight to Blogger's interface for one (or two)-click installation.

Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Recent Posts (Advanced): Lists recent posts and summaries, complete with thumbnails (if you like). Super easy to install.
  • Recent Comments: Shows the most recent comments your blog has received. You decide how many to show. Optional summaries.
  • Feeds in Tabs: Lets you show RSS updates for any feed you can grab. Ideas include your Twitter update feed, Your bookmarks, a feed from another site, and more. I wish the fonts, etc. were more customizable, but if I were as tech savvy as Amanda Fazani, I bet I could figure out how to do that, too.